• Personalised Service

    My aim is to provide a personalised service for clients. I invite couples to an obligation-free initial meeting for them to gain an insight into the services I offer. Realising that many couples are unsure where to begin and may welcome advice on what could be included in their ceremony, I provide all clients with a free copy of my comprehensive Wedding Ceremony Planning Kit. I try to ensure that every couple and their guests, know that their wedding ceremony is crafted specifically for them. Presenting a ‘one-size-fits-all’ ceremony is never on my agenda.

  • My Services Include

    • • At least two personal interviews.
    • • Unlimited email contact and phone consultations.
    • • Provision of my ‘Wedding Ceremony Planning Kit’ and advice about its content.
    • • All legal documentation and registration of your marriage.
    • • The presentation copy of your Marriage Certificate.
    • • A copy of your marriage ceremony on presentation quality paper.
    • • A ceremony rehearsal close to the day.
    • • Use of a PA system, when necessary.
    • • Assistance with Spouse Visa applications, when necessary.
    • • Compliance with relevant Australian laws.
    • And most of all, the best advice and attention to detail that twelve years as a celebrant enables me to give you.
  • Planning Kit

    All clients are provided with a copy of my ‘Wedding Ceremony Planning Kit’ ©. This comprehensive starter-kit offers:

    • • Explanations of the component parts of the ceremony,
    • • A wide range of alternatives for the ceremony content,
    • • Over 80 appropriate readings
    • • A wide choice of suitable vows, as well as advice on how to write your own,
    • • A two-page list of helpful website links, including sources of more readings and vows.
    • • A range of other informative material to help you prepare for your special occasion, including advice on name changing, speech-making and guidance on copyright considerations.


  • Tina & Rohan
    January 2012


    "Dear Clive, Tina and I would like to thank you for all your contributions to our wedding. We were delighted with the ceremony, it was a true reflection of our love and expressed perfectly the reasons why we decided to marry. Many of our friends and family also commented on the individual nature and beautiful sentiment of the wedding ceremony.”

  • Tim and Miki
    December 2011


    “Clive, We are still amazed by the beautiful job you did for us, you truly helped make the day! And you have annoyed quite a few of my friends who were at the wedding. They were married by celebrants but you raised the bar a bit too high! Great work!!!”

  • Mandy & Martin
    May 2011


    “Dear Clive, Thank you ever so much for providing such a beautiful ceremony for our wedding on Sunday 1st May. We have received numerous compliments from friends and family on the very personal and entertaining service you delivered.”

  • Natalie & James W
    April 2011


    “Dear Clive, We want to thank you once again for the superb job you did as our celebrant. You helped make the day very special for us both, and we received many complements about how unique and memorable the ceremony was.”

  • Meg & Mark
    January 2011


    “Dear Clive, Thank you so much for making our wedding day so meaningful and special for us. Your help gave us the comfort to say what mattered to us in front of closest family and friends.”

  • Karolin and Toby C
    December 2009


    “Dear Clive, Thank you so much for a wedding ceremony we will never forget. Working with you was such a pleasure, we are forever grateful for the effort you put in to create something truly special for us. The ceremony was simply perfect and many of our guests commented on our excellent choice of celebrant.”

  • Danielle and Graham S
    May 2006


    “Dear Clive, We know that we were very lucky in finding you, as without you it would not have been the beautiful ceremony that it was. So many guests said that it was the nicest ceremony that they had ever been to, really personal and touching. People will always remember the ceremony, and the beauty of it will always be with me. Thanks again Clive”.

  • Danielle & Adrian
    September 2005


    “Dear Clive, We know that we were very lucky in finding you, as without you it would not have been the beautiful ceremony that it was. So many guests said that it was the nicest ceremony that they had ever been to, really personal and touching. People will always remember the ceremony, and the beauty of it will always be with me. Thanks again Clive”.

  • Jane and Scott V
    February 2002


    "Dear Clive, Thank you so much for the beautiful wedding ceremony which you performed for us. It really reflected our personalities and captured the mood we wanted on our big day. It was lovely to have you as our celebrant."

A few words about … Clive Rumney.

About Me Picture

I was authorised as a Marriage Celebrant in 1999 after completing the Graduate Diploma of Arts (Civil Celebrations) course at Monash University, the worlds’ first University course for Civil Celebrants. Becoming a full-time Civil Celebrant in 2005 I am proud to be one of the first tertiary qualified marriage celebrants in Australia.

Most of my working career was in education, the last 22 years as a teacher at Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School in Melbourne. This experience has equipped me well to cater for the specific needs of couples, to carefully advise them on how their wishes can be implemented and to present their ceremony in a way that is inclusive of everyone present. I also understand how the subtle use of humour can help to set a friendly tone for a ceremony, ease any nervousness you may be feeling and minimise what might otherwise be embarrassing situations during a ceremony.

As a foundation member of the Civil Celebrant Graduate Association [Monash] I support the Code of Ethics of this Association, and the Code of Practice for Marriage Celebrants prescribed by the Federal Attorney-General’s Department.


A few words about … Venues.

The beauty of the Australian Civil Celebrant program, unlike that in the U.K., is that here it is the celebrant who has legal authority, not the venue where the ceremony is held. That means that your venue can be wherever you want it to be. I have conducted weddings in elaborate reception venues, at museums, in parks, gardens & wineries, in private homes and on boats on the Yarra. The choice is entirely yours.

One of my favourite ‘not-for-profit’ venues is … The Abbotsford Convent. This inner-city Community Arts Centre is a lovely setting for indoor or outdoor ceremonies, with on-site catering available. Phone (03) 9417 3363 or visit them on


A few words about … Local Government Parks and Gardens.

Most Councils have a variety of lovely potential venues for your wedding. Open spaces in parks and gardens can often be used without cost or the need to book, but it is always wise to check with the Council. Known exceptions to this general rule: Melbourne C.C. and Stonnington both charge fees for all ceremonies in their parks and gardens. Boroondara charges to use the Maranoa Gardens in Balwyn. To use a structure (like a Rotunda or bandstand) in a Council park you will need to book. Paying the booking fee will ensure you have priority use on the day. Ask about vehicle access and bridal car parking when you make your booking.



If you'd like to know more about how I can help you, please send me an e-mail, or phone.
I will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Clive Rumney CMC.

Abbotsford,  Victoria.


+61 (03) 8415 1090


If I can’t help you, your best next-choice will be found on the Civil Celebrant Graduate Association website at